Business Accommodation

At New Forest Escapes we have looked after both private and corporate guests for over 4 years.

We have hosted guests from businesses across the UK; including those exhibiting at the Beaulieu Motor Museum, and teams working at the nearby Fawley Refinery.

We are used to catering for guests who have demanding and busy careers; from screenwriters and actresses, to engineers, athletes and CEOs



  • Services and Support

    All of our properties are stocked with basic provisions so our guests can always expect premium teas and coffees, as well as breakfast and late night staples on arrival.

    At home basics are also covered with reliable WIFI, TV channels, twice weekly cleaning service, once weekly fresh linens and utilities inc. washing machines.

    We know that from time to time, business guests may want to have friends and family visit. So we have a stress-free ‘Friends and Family’ service; where we allow guests to exchange rooms when family are staying and provide cleaning services and extra fresh linens accordingly.

  • For guests looking for accommodation at Fawley Refinery we can offer 5 houses that are nearby.

    Seaview Cottage is within 2 minutes drive of the refinery and has 2 doubles, 1 twin room.

    Gins and Beaulieu Brickworks are 12 mins drive. Gins has 4 double rooms. Brickworks has 3 doubles rooms.

    Beckheath and Ploughmans Cottage are 15 mins drive.

    Beckheath and Ploughmans both have has 3 doubles and one single room.