Breakages Deposits

In order for us to send you the Directions, Access codes etc,  we need to have your breakages deposit paid or held on your card. 

If you have pre-selected to allow us to pre-authorise this during your payments so far, we will go ahead and hold the amount on your payment card. All being well, this money will be released 3 days after your departure. Refunds are usually 1 day.

If you have not selected to pre-authorise the hold, we will email you and send you a payment link. We will then take that money into our bank accounts for the duration and refund as per above. This refund takes between 3 and 10 days.

What counts as a breakage? 

We don’t usually charge for broken crockery and glasses for example, but damage to carpets, linen, window blinds, is common and can take us time and owners money to sort out. Letting wild animals into the garden, is almost definitely something that will create expensive damage, so always shut gates to stop animal break-ins – they are super cunning!

Not sure? Please take a few pictures and send them to us right then. This really helps us sort the problem out, and charge appropriately for breakages, or not.

If a breakage happens:

If there are problems at the property, please contact us and let us know. We’d much rather know and will contact you ASAP.

We have a £25 admin fee for handling breakages but we do not charge this if you tell us about a breakage during your stay. We also don’t charge the admin fee for tiny breakages; a broken glass, lightbulb and such things that are small accidental/incidental.

Once you checkout and we find a breakage, we will contact you within 48 hours and there will be a period of time for discussion, sharing photos, your own and the owners response. We’ll help negotiate if it’s needed and we’ll liase with you clearly throughout the process. Charges are rare but they do sometimes happen, so please work with us.

Sarah, Rachel, Jane and the team.